ISO 50001:2018 Documents Platinum Pack


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The Platinum Documentation Kit has been designed for those who aim to see all business processes, functions, and activities as a part of products or services work smartly using lesser Energy resources by setting risk-based thinking, strategy and objective. This Platinum Pack will boost your organization’s functions to get the outcomes for a dream come true with the ultimate essence of internationally practising requirements.

That’s why to buy igurustore’s documentation pack.

– ISO 50001:2018 EnMS Ready Advanced Standard Operating Procedures
– Ready Work Instructions
– Ready Supporting Forms or Records
– Process Flows for each procedure
Surprising Bonus:
– ISO 50001:2018 Mapping – Relationship of SOPs, W.I and Form with ISO 50001:2018 Standard
– Blank template of SOP & Work Instruction
– Filled list of documented information (SOP & Forms)
– Pre-identified document numbers
– Interconnected document structure
– Self-guidance comments in each SOP
– Freeware software for process flow designing
– Template of “Request of Certification Letter”
– Impression of stamps for data controlling
– The guidelines of “Read Me Before Use”
Prepared Samples of:
– EnMS Training Method
– Internal Audit
– Management Reviews
– Risk & Opportunity assessment
– Objectives
– Communication Plan
– External Audit Checklist of ISO 50001:2018
– Gap Assessment & Analysis to ensure your certification audit for successful results.
– One Free Session of Consultancy and Guidance
– ISO 50001 Expert will explain the complete pack concerning your organizational structure.
Documented Information Pack Includes:
o Comprehensive Manual: 01
o Advanced SOPs: 15
o Advanced Forms: 41
o Advanced Process Flows: 15
o Plans: 01
o Team: 02
o Flow Chart: 01
o EnMS Policy: 01
o EnMS Strategy: o1
o Advanced Code of Conduct: 01


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